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Get Involved

How to get Involved

The RRC aims to foster honesty and integrity, respect, cooperation and collaboration, transparency and openness, fairness and consistency, and accountability. As such, there are multiple ways to become involved in the RRC's processes. Members of the public can:

  • Attend RRC meetings
  • Send comments to the RRC or RCA
  • Join a Working Group to participate in a Development

Attend a Meeting

Members of the public can attend all Board of Directors, Committee, and Working Group meetings. There will be public comment periods during these meetings where the public can express views on that meeting's topics. The public will be allowed to listen in on all portions of meetings, except those portions where the Board, Committee, or Working Group enters executive session. 

Submit a Comment

Comments can be submitted via the "Contact" form in the navigation bar. Comments can be directed to specific RRC topics or developments by submitted through individual meeting notices on the "News and Updates" page, or by clicking on individual Public Matters on the "Public Matters" page. Additionally, comments can be sent via mail or submitted orally during the public comment periods of Board of Directors, Committee, or Working Group meetings. Comments will be posted on the Public Documents page unless they violate RRC intake requirements as defined in ER14 Public Comment and Complaint Resolution Rule. 

Many Public Matters require filing with the RCA, members of the public can submit comments on those matters via the RCA's website in order to be involved in their public process.

Join a Working Group

Members of the public may petition to join RRC working groups for the development of electric reliability Standards, the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), or other developments. The process for participating in these developments is detailed in ER5 Public Participation in a Development Rule, available on the "Public Documents" page. The "Petition to Join Working Group" form under "Public Resources" can be used to join a Working Group.